My “Sunday Afternoon”

Well, Prue, – it sometimes starts at the local market – for fresh vegetables, plants, whatever. Then it’s into the garden to work with our plantings and weeds. And, of course our celebratory glass of something as we admire the result. A great part of the week, and sometimes I fit in a little threadwork, too…

(this quilt is white with black thread painting)


Sunday Afternoon med

        By Kay D. Haerland


“MATHEMATICS” for Amanda

I have actually had this one finished for a while, but it didn’t come easy.

I had a moment of panic when that challenge was named, since math was my worst subject and my mind was a complete blank. I fretted and worried for a while, and finally talked to husband Bard about it. He first calmed me down and then we talked our way to something that rang a bell and I felt was possible: “Pythagoras’ Theorem”.  (a2+b2=c2, remember?)

He tried in vain to explain what a number squared was, and I kept seeing squares in my head, and in the end he gave up and I stayed with the squares on each side of the triangle.  Simple when you look at it that way…..

It was a lot of fun in the end.

Kay H

Pythagoras med

Juliet’s Seed Challenge finally!!

Well, this has certainly taken me a while.  I painted the black and white fabric featuring the centre seed heads (I think they look like seed heads) in a class I was teaching in Ashburton at the mini symposium there last April!!  I also drew up a spikey area to put around it and started piecing that, but then discarded it, re-drew another spikey border and have been piecing that on and off over the last few months.

This will be a class sample for one of my machine paper-piecing classes, “The Sky is the Limit”, where students change their black and white fabric by painting with Dye-na-Flo paints, and then draw up their own spikey border.  Considering paper-piecing is my speciality, I have been very restrained at not using the technique for previous challenges!!!!Blowing in the WindDetail Blowing in the Wind

I have called it “Blowing in the Wind” – how surprising!!

“Weekend Away” Journey Challenge by Amanda

“Keen campers, my husband and I often take to the highways and byways and commune with nature in an effort to recharge the batteries.

Tent camping has been our chosen method in the past, but as we age and retire I can see us hitching up a campervan and joining the grey nomads as we circumnavigate our vast and beautiful country.” – Amanda  Daly

Weekend Away






“Jewel” for Juliet – By Kay H

Kays Jewel Med

I thought I was late in putting up the “Jewel”, but it seems I am not last…

Anyway, here is mine.  Hope you enjoy it, Juliet…

This background is black velvet, – like a jeweler’s “pillow” for showing off jewels 

The thick silver thread is free motion couched on smudged “Glitterglue” to give it the opal “glow”.

Prue’s “Journey”

Prue Noonan is a new member to our friendship challenge group.

Prue made her interpretation of the “Journey” theme based on the story of the tortoise and the hare.  She has been retelling the story to her two grandboys, Tom and Harvey, trying to get across the idea that slow and steady wins the race (sometimes).

Great work, Prue.  It looks gorgeous.


Prue's journey